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Rules & Guidelines

We want the forums to be a friendly, comfortable place for people to exchange ideas, share information, and support one another. As such, it is important to establish a few rules of conduct for those members who wish to post in the forums:

Regarding User-to-User Conduct:

Keep the foul language in check.
There are currently no filters set up to combat foul language, and used in moderation, it is perfectly fine. What IS NOT fine, however, is excessive abuse of this. Profanity for profanity's sake will be edited or deleted.

Yolisto is a hate-speech and discriminatory free site.
Blatantly racist and discriminatory comments, including on the topics of religion and politics, will not be stood for. Please be respectful of your fellow forum-users.

Yolisto does not expect all users to get along.
For this reason, you are allowed to post your opinion of other users at your discretion. What is not allowed, is blatantly offensive, profane, or racially-charged comments. Keep your loathing of people to a low roar, not a fiery inferno when posting.

All users have the right to post their opinion...and other users have the right to disagree with that opinion.
Arguments are to be expected and are perfectly acceptable, so long as they follow the previously stated rules of user-to-user conduct. Any administrator or moderator has the authority to lock an argument, should they feel it has gotten out of hand.

Regarding Posting and Conduct:
Stick to the above User-to-User conduct guidelines when posting. Most of these are just good common sense.

Regarding Usernames:
Each member is allowed only one YoListo account name. If we find out that a member is using more than one account, we will contact them and inform them that we will be merging accounts, giving them the chance to choose which account name they prefer. Each member will be allowed one warning on this matter. A second violation of this rule will be grounds for banishment from the YoListo website.

If you find yourself posting material that is completely irrelevant to the original topic, don't. Stop, take a breath, and start your own thread.

Spamming is not allowed.
Spam is defined as blatantly off-topic, or unnecessary posts, and that definition is up to an administrator or moderators discretion. We will let a lot slide in the "Website Advertising" forum, but spam posted related to pornography, violence, virus and spyware filled sites, prescription medication and the like will be immediately deleted, and may cause your forum account to be suspended or permanently deleted. Stand your spam bots down, please.

When posting, please do not "double-post," or post repetitively in an effort to get your point across.
Quite simply, this makes reading the forums a chore. The edit button exists for a reason...it is not necessary to post multiple times in sequence when editing can be used to correct or change last minute ideas you had. Again, use good judgment here...if 30 minutes and 5 replies to your post have gone by, and you post again, that is not a repetitive post. Posts that are considered repetitive will be removed at the discretion of the Administrators or Moderators.

"Bumping" a thread is permitted.

However, bumping a thread that has not been posted in for more over six months is, in most cases, not. Again, this is left to the discretion of the forum moderators and administrators.

Regarding Avatars and Signatures:
Avatars, signatures, and image uploads are allowed, but please be courteous of other user's load times, and our bandwidth costs. No signature images wider than 600 pixels, please. Content of signatures must also abide by the aforementioned guidelines for user conduct.

Regarding Forum Moderators:

Forum Moderators are agents of the Yolisto Administration. Moderators are your friends, and should be treated with respect. They are here to help you.

Moderators do not have the authority to ban forum users. However, like any other forum user, they may offer reasons, evidence, and recommend a banning to the Administrator, who will make the final decision.

Process of Escalation and Suspension of Yolisto Account
In the event a user can simply not, for whatever reason, abide by the above guidelines, this is the process for escalation. All of the below actions are only executable by the site Administrators.

Step One: Before any official action is taken, a user violating the rules will be warned informally several times.

Step Two: If the conduct continues, the user will receive an official warning via PM.

Step Three: If the conduct of the user STILL persists, an additional official warning will be issued via PM.

Step Four: If the user still can't get it together, a 24-hour forum ban will be initiated.

Step Five: If the conduct continues, the user will receive a one-week forum ban.

Step Six: (And there really shouldn't be need for a step six.) If the conduct continues, the user will receive a permanent forum ban. This permanent ban can be appealed once, and the final decision rests in the hands of the site Administrators.

No one likes bans, especially the Administrators. It creates a weird environment, as we're sure you've all seen on other sites, and everyone should be here to have a good time. Please follow the simple, common sense forum guidelines, and it will never have to happen.

The Forum Users' Bill of Rights

Without exception, all users of the Yolisto forums are entitled to the following inalienable rights:

The right to participate, ask questions, start discussions, and be treated with respect and dignity.
No question is "too basic" or "too advanced." Even members with questions that have been asked and answered several times before are welcome here, and users will refrain chiding or correcting these new members.

The right to conduct travel research using the forums.
Even if you may never actually end up making the move to Merida or the Yucatan, we invite all members to use Yolisto and the forums as a basis for conducting research into the ins and outs of living here.

The right to express opinions that may be controversial or unpopular.
Discussion and differences of opinion are what make forums like this lively and informative, and no user with a differing opinion should ever feel "ganged up" on.

Forum users who seek to deny other users the above rights may be temporarily banned from accessing the Yolisto forums, in accordance with our published escalation policy. Above all, please respect the Golden Rule. We're all in this together. Let's treat each other accordingly.