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    Yesterday, 10:51 PM
    I'm a bit curious. Is municipal water in Telchac Puerto provi...
  • Water Service
    Yesterday, 08:50 PM
    Hey, I see nothing extreme there   In our case (Telch...
  • Water Service
    Yesterday, 08:41 PM
    I suspect we are going to need to have a meter / water tap...
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    Oct 15 2017 03:02 PM
    Your post on 10/2 about Thailand is showing. The first three...
  • Short-Term Rental
    Oct 14 2017 11:37 AM
    I've even heard of folks using their ovens as "bread baskets"...

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San Crisanto - flamingos, pink water and more!

Aug 28 2017 05:35 PM | PKondra in Articles

Have you visited this paradise yet?

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Yucatan Cenote.com

Jun 01 2017 10:46 AM | YolistoKhaki in Articles

What I like about this expat company is that all of the tours and adventures are designed for the specific group or family that has booked the day. Plus, this is the first time I have ever seen any company consider the tourism needs of families with children of any age. Do take a few minutes to look through the Yucatan Cenote.com website and take a look at their photos and videos too. The following is their ad (yes - I copied it
Posted Image) and one of their videos.

All-Inclusive PRIVATE Adventure Tours
Cenotes. Caves. Pyramids. Ruins. Culture. Haciendas.
Our bilingual (English/Spanish), enthusiastic, Federally licensed Guides are excited to take you on an Adventure of a Lifetime!

Check us out at: YucatanCenote.com
We can customize any Adventure!
Progreso & Mérida areas.
Specializing in off-the-beaten-path customized/private all-inclusive Adventures.
Tours de aventura todo incluido
Cenotes Grutas Cuevas Piramides Ruinas Hacienda Cultura
Nuestros guias bilingues y certificados estan ansiosos por llevarte a la aventura de tu vida.
Tours privados y personalizados

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Cenote Kampapen

May 31 2017 10:10 AM | YolistoKhaki in Articles

Here are two videos - one follows the other... and you absolutely have to watch both of them! The first is a really nice, professionally done video (by Yucatan Cenote.com) that shows us Cenote Kampapen, in the village of Chinkila, Yuctan, just outside of Tecoh.

This second video is also about Cenote Kampepen. This second one is 33 minutes long and hilarious. Talk about a big chicken - get in the Water already!!! LOL The video is in Spanish, but - somehow - there is no real language barrier. In it you learn all the things you can see and do in this small village. If you have a chance, please go and spend some time - and money - there... The long video and the visit will both be more than well worth your time. This is especially important because this cenote supports so many people in the village. Look for butterflies and rented bicycles here - and a really nice little cafe.

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Be Sure to See This!

Apr 14 2017 01:22 PM | YolistoKhaki in Articles

Posted Image

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Student and Teacher May be in Mexico

Mar 30 2017 04:48 AM | YolistoKhaki in Articles

Posted ImagePosted Image

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The Next Gypsy Market

Mar 14 2017 04:07 PM | YolistoKhaki in Articles

Posted Image

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A Play at MEL Friday Feb. 24, 2017

Feb 19 2017 05:24 PM | YolistoKhaki in Articles

Posted Image

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