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Possible Ferry Service Tampa, FL., to Progreso, Yucatan

Dear Expats & Snowbirds:

I have been contacted by Fernando Pereira Flick, the Commercial Manager of the Port of Progreso. Fernando is in charge of developing the ferry project and will be meeting with investors next week. (http://www.tampabay....an-cuba/1157412) He needs as much information as possible to present to the investors as there is a good chance this project will go forward as soon as November of this year. Fernando has requested hard facts, which as we all know, are difficult to produce. Therefore, we need as many responses as possible to gain as much information as possible before the meeting next week.

Fernando needs to know how many expats live in the Yucatan. Estimates are there are around 3000 of us; if anyone knows of a way to verify this we would appreciate the information. However, we know that many snowbirds will be interested in using the ferry service so we would like to compile a total number of both expats and snowbirds in the Yucatan. Therefore, I would ask you to please forward this email to all your expat contacts who live anywhere in the Yucatan and any and all American and Canadian snowbirds you know.

Please reply by email to tamarainprogreso@gmail.com and answer the following questions:

1. How many people are in your "group"?

2. How many months of the year do you live in the Yucatan?

3. Will you use a ferry service if it is available from Tampa, FL to Progreso, Yucatan?

4. If so, how many times a year would you use this service?

5. Will you bring a vehicle on the ferry?

6. If so, what kind of vehicle? IE. car, SUV, RV, motorcycle

7. Are you interested in cargo shipment?

8. Are you interested in pet service?

9. Do you want your email address on a mailing list with news of the ferry service and other Progreso news?

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,

Tamara Magnusson


Apr 11 2011 06:56 PM
This is definitely of interest to me and my partner. We dread the drive thru mexico to get to our Progreso home.
Will we be able to transport animals and furnishings for a fee? It will be a pleasure to pay.
You have all 5 of us couples votes out of New Orleans, La.
Three more New Orleanians on board. This service will be blessing for all of us who have to drive the coast especially the terrible Tampico to Tuxpan highway.

Please publish if there is another email for the questionaire. tamarainprogresso@gmail.com was returned by postmaster.
This service would be a blessing. I would be able to load my car back and forth twice a year from Tampa, step away from my home base in Naples, FL. One person, no pet, one car, and/or cargo.

No more car problem in Yucatan, no more excess baggage fees and loads, and possible oversized items....
Wow, this would be perfect for me. I have properties in both SW Florida and Yucatan. I would definitely support this service several times a year!
Check out the thread around Tampa Ferry thread for more discussion, maybe even some information!
My husband and I would use this service a couple of times a year. We have 2 dogs and would ferry our van also. We are not in the Yucatan yet but hope to be permanently in about 2 months. Guess we'll be driving down through Brownsville initially.
Wow this would be outstanding! We just purchased a property in Merida this week and we live in Atlanta Georgia. We would defineatly use this service and transport our dogs and car over while we live between Merida and Atlanta. We are watching closely and hope that the ferry starts.
Please consider New Orleans. We're moving down this next year and would really appreciate and would use a ferry. Toni and Phil
Definitely a YES! We are a couple from Ontario Canada. looking forward for such a serice twice a year with 2 dogs in tow!
May 21 2011 01:15 PM
We're in Sarasota (still waiting to sell and move to the beach area) and would use this at least once a year, maybe more. The big plus is transporting the car. Most of all will be the transport of animals, we also have two dogs.
May 21 2011 10:25 PM
Has there been any news of this since it was posted? Somewhere I heard that it might be running as soon as September Does anybody know if that is true?
We are a couple that would likely use the service once or twice a year. I would be transporting a truck, pet, some goods, and I need a one time trip with boat and trailer from Florida to Progreso. It would be great to have it back in place.
I found this article this morning. It is from April 2011.

My link
Does anyone know what is happening with this ferry possibility? I live in Palm Coast, Florida and would definitely be a customer.
Jul 20 2011 04:35 PM
About one month ago I emailed the Tampa Port Authority. I received a nice letter saying that it was indeed a posibility but they could not say anything about it just yet. I am at work now but have the email saved at home but basically words to that effect.

I would totally use a ferry service to and from Merida. so would my 3 children and their big families.
does anyone have an update on the possibility of Tampa ferry service?
It's been about 4 months since this article was published. I scoured the internet and can find no updates. Does anyone out there know anything more? Thanks
It's been about 4 months since this article was published. I scoured the internet and can find no updates. Does anyone out there know anything more? Thanks
Aug 31 2011 10:33 AM
Did everyone get the survey from Tamara Magnusson regarding the possibility of ferry service starting in 2012. If not I'll post the letter and links
Please do post the letter and links. Thanks!
Oct 09 2011 05:07 PM
Ferry service, especially if pets were permitted would be a no brainer for us. Tampa, New Orleans, either is fine.
Oct 13 2011 08:53 PM
Sorry for the delay. I forgot. The deadline is long gone but this is what was sent to me. I'm sure other must have received the same message.

Tampa-Progreso ferry Update‏

Reply ▼
Tampa to Progresso Ferry

If you are receiving this email you have indicated an interest in the proposed Tampa Bay to Progreso ferry service.

I know many of you are getting anxious to book flights and make plans for your trips to Mexico this fall and winter and were looking forward to the possibility of taking the ferry this year. It was hoped sales would begin this fall for launch early next year but unfortunately the ferry service will not be launched in 2011, however, it is proposed for sometime in 2012. The launch date announcement will be made once all the required agreements have been made. In the meantime United Caribbean Lines continue to meet with governments and officials in the US and Mexico in an attempt to facilitate a speedy launch. They are also working on an abbreviated website for interested parties. As soon as I have a launch date or firm information I will forward another email. I know many of you will be disappointed by this news but unfortunately we will all have to keep waiting a little longer.

In the mean time I have been asked by United Caribbean Lines to collect more data and answer more questions allowing them to use the information to craft programs designed specifically for the expatriate and snow bird markets. I apologize if it seems like some of the questions are the same as the previous survey but this time we are looking for details and specifics, so please provide as much information as you feel comfortable sharing. Even if you never plan to use the ferry, please complete as much of the survey as possible, since we need you input as well.

If you live six or more months a year in Mexico or any other country in Central or South America please follow this link and complete the Survey entitled Expatriate Ferry Survey. If the link doesn't work please copy and paste it into your browser.


If you travel back and forth or live less than 6 months of each year in Mexico or any other country in Central or South America please follow this link and complete the Survey entitled Snow Bird Ferry Survey. If the link doesn't work please copy and paste it into your browser.


Both surveys will be open until September 16th so please respond as quickly as possible. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone else you think should complete the surveys. Thank you in advance for your participation. We look forward to your responses.

Best Regards,

Tamara Magnusson
Mar 10 2012 02:46 PM
I missed the survey last time around but would love to have the ferry service restored. I live permanently in Chelem, next to Progreso, and would utilize this service 2 or 3 times a year. This would cut my travelling time to Ottawa, Canada, by a considerable margin and enable family, friends and relatives to utilize the service when they come to visit us in Merida/Chelem/Progreso.
Please let us know when this service may start. Really looking forward to it.
My husband and I just retired to the Merida/Progresso area in April 2012. We have been following the Ferry development for the past year. We would use it twice a year. Family and friends (approximately 6 people) would use it at least once a year. When it is up and running it will be our preferred mode to bring over our belongings.

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