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Paamul or How to Retire in Mexico on $30 a...

Dec 17 2011 03:25 PM | netterfield in Expat Profiles

I retired to Paamul, Mexico about six years ago. “Where is that? Never heard of it,” you say. Well good, because I really don’t want every Joe, Schmoh and Harry to move down here to my secluded paradise. But I am going to let you in on my little secre...

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Expat Profiles: Sean & Susan

Oct 15 2008 08:32 PM | beachbum in Expat Profiles

Sean (Yolisto: Ontheloose) and Susan (Yolisto: susan) Randall wanted to enjoy life while young instead of waiting for a more traditional retirement age. In April, they left their jobs in Victoria, B.C, for a 14-day trek to Chelem, complete with car t...

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Expat Profiles: Kathy Carroll

Oct 01 2008 08:29 PM | beachbum in Expat Profiles

The first time Kathy Carroll visited the Yucatan three years ago at Christmastime, she was smitten. "I love being in a different culture, the weather, and I always wanted to live by the water, always," she said. "I never thought I could li...

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Expat Profiles: Marla & George

Sep 15 2008 08:23 PM | beachbum in Expat Profiles

After George and Marla (Yolisto: nueveninos) Kostis lost all their belongings in a house fire in southwestern Ontario in 2007, they realized the tragedy could become an opportunity. "We spent about three months being absolutely devastated, and the...

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Expat Profiles: Bob & Donna

Sep 01 2008 08:17 PM | beachbum in Expat Profiles

Bob and Donna Teel have discovered Mexicans are very accepting of those who have special needs, a pleasant surprise after moving to the Yucatan six months ago. The couple relocated here from Atlanta with their 26-year-old son, Eric, who has Down Synd...

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Expat Profiles: Bill & Theresa

Aug 15 2008 08:11 PM | beachbum in Expat Profiles

When Bill Dudley (Yolisto: Hopper) suffered heart problems two years ago, he and his wife Theresa (Yolisto: pattycake) decided to get serious about plans to retire in Mexico. Bill had a clogged artery and needed a stent to repair the damage in June,...

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Expat Profiles: Dave & Joan

Aug 01 2008 08:06 PM | beachbum in Expat Profiles

Dave (Yolisto: Pyro) Leist is going to be fine. He is balancing rocks on the beach. Joan Paci worried that her husband couldn't unwind from a hectic life in California when the couple first arrived in Chuburna a month ago. "When I knew he w...

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Traditional country house
Feb 20 2013 06:06 AM
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Rosca bread
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Candelaria Festival in Valladolid
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Coati resting
Feb 20 2013 05:52 AM