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SOMA Restaurante is back in Town!

Dec 12 2014 01:41 PM | NewYorkChef in Restaurant & Service Reviews

SOMA Restaurante is back in Town!

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Piccolo's Pan Fried Pizza in Los Pinos

Oct 07 2014 07:45 PM | NewYorkChef in Restaurant & Service Reviews

Piccolo's Pan Fried Pizza in Los Pinos

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UK Massage and Reflexology Clinic comes to Merida

Jan 17 2014 12:38 PM | ukreflex in Restaurant & Service Reviews


AVE. PASEO DE MONTEJO #456 south east corner

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My Review of Salamanca Grill Steak House in Mer...

May 05 2013 10:27 PM | NewYorkChef in Restaurant & Service Reviews

My Review of Salamanca Grill Steak House in Merida Yucatan

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The other day, our good friends Mike & Deanna treated us to Salamanca Grill Steak House in Merida, this is my 2nd time eating here, and it is bar far the best Steak that I have eaten out in a Steak Restaurant since The William Tell Inn Swiss Germin Restaurant in West Alton,NH and that was 26 years ago. My wife ordered a New York Strip and Mike, our friend Veronica and myself ordered the Rib eye Steak and Deanna had two appetizersPosted Image

Ensalada Capresse (Tomatoes and Mozzarella) and Carpaccio de Atun (Tuna Carpaccio) Posted Image

The waiter was very friendly ,fast and on the ball, he took our drink orders, and the drinks here are ICE COLD with plenty of ice for the sodas.

The atmosphere or the restaurant is very warm and cozy, but a little cramped since it is a small restaurant, with the normal TV playing like all restaurants here in Mexico, would it kill some of the restaurants here to play some soft Mexican Guitar music, instead of Mexican Soap operas!!

Posted Image

The steak is out of this world, tender, juicy and with that charbroiled taste, and you get 400 grms of meat it came with a broiled onion and we got the Steak fries.

Posted Image

They also have other fine steaks and deserts.

My wife could not finish her NY Strip, so we took it home, and it made a Delicious steak sandwich the next day.


Rib eye 400 grms $185 mxp

New York 400 grms $175 mxp

Sirloin 400 grms $140 mxp

Arrachera 400 grms $120 mxp

Hamburger 227 grms $ 95 mxp

Corazon de Filete (Filet Mignon) 300 grms $175 mxp

Asado de Tira Dehuesado (Boneless Chuck Roast) 400 grms $140 mxp


I give Salamanca Grill 4 out of 5 Chef Hats

Posted Image

Calle 28 No 401 x 35 y 37
Col.Emiliano Zapata Norte, 97129
Ciudad de Mérida, Mexico

Basic Info
Parking Lot General Manager Juan Pablo Villamil Services
Takes Reservations
Walk-Ins Welcome
Good For Groups
Waiter Service Specialties
Drinks Hours
Mon - Sun: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm Joined Facebook 10/24/2011

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Soma Restaurante

Apr 05 2013 11:54 AM | LegalBlonde in Restaurant & Service Reviews

Good new restaurant at the beach with French/ American fusion cooking.

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Slider's Cafe - New location

Mar 04 2013 05:15 PM | SlidersCafe in Restaurant & Service Reviews


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Richest man in the world yields poorest Interne...

Feb 14 2012 05:26 PM | mikeexpert in Restaurant & Service Reviews

In a recently published study by Lemay-Yates Associates Inc. (LYA), Mexico's broadband Internet service has been consistently ranked last in the 34 countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This is a...

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