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Yucatan Cenote.com

What I like about this expat company is that all of the tours and adventures are designed for the specific group or family that has booked the day. Plus, this is the first time I have ever seen any company consider the tourism needs of families with children of any age. Do take a few minutes to look through the Yucatan Cenote.com website and take a look at their photos and videos too. The following is their ad (yes - I copied it
Posted Image) and one of their videos.

All-Inclusive PRIVATE Adventure Tours
Cenotes. Caves. Pyramids. Ruins. Culture. Haciendas.
Our bilingual (English/Spanish), enthusiastic, Federally licensed Guides are excited to take you on an Adventure of a Lifetime!

Check us out at: YucatanCenote.com
We can customize any Adventure!
Progreso & Mérida areas.
Specializing in off-the-beaten-path customized/private all-inclusive Adventures.
Tours de aventura todo incluido
Cenotes Grutas Cuevas Piramides Ruinas Hacienda Cultura
Nuestros guias bilingues y certificados estan ansiosos por llevarte a la aventura de tu vida.
Tours privados y personalizados

There are a number of videos by Yucatan Cenotes.com on YouTube, so be sure to watch them all.


Jun 02 2017 06:49 PM

ok - not only did I steal Yucatan Cenote's ad and the video that goes with it... but the way I found it was through the first video in the post after this one... I didn't steal it... I just borrowed it and let her know I put it up here... :) 

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